Salice 018 Ita RWX Glasses – Black yellow


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Salice 018 Ita RWX Glasses – Black yellow The Salice 018 with its modern shape will not let you go unnoticed. The embracing, interchangeable lens provides total protection from the air, and leaves wide side visibility for added security. The lenses treated with IDRO technology are subjected to a special processing that makes their surface smoother than a normal lens, so dirt and water slip away quickly and the lens remains clean. Protection UV400: maximum ultraviolet ray coverage. Idro technology: dirt and water slip away quickly. Anti-reflection technology: Anti-reflection treatment is performed on the inside of the lens to eliminate glare that is formed by reflection of light on the lens itself. Rainbow lens: Rainbow scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens, subjected to a “multilayer” coloration on the front that aims to reduce reflexes, and at the same time increase the lens’s filtering power. Lens 1: RW Yellow. Lens 2: RWX. Lens 3: Clear.


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