Rudy Defender sunglasses – Fire Red Matte – RP Optics Smoke Black


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Rudy Defender sunglasses – Fire Red Matte – RP Optics Smoke Black Inspired by more than 30 years of history and experience in racing, Defender combines an innate spirit of competition with the most advanced technologies available in the field of sports eyewear to ensure athletes and athletes unparalleled comfort. Adjustable nosepiece and terminals, wide field of view, protective bumpers and Power Flow ventilation system make the Defender extremely safe and comfortable. Defender assembles the most advanced Rudy Project optical technologies such as the ImpactX 2 photochromic lenses or the bright RP Optics mirrored all this, combined with the unmistakable Rudy Project design, makes Defender one of the most relevant innovations in the world of sports eyewear. Comfort and lightness: Defender integrates the main Rudy Project technologies such as adjustable terminals and soft nose for an optimal fit. Bumpers technology: The Defender’s mask lens integrates the Bumpers. Inserts made of soft polymers that protect the face from the edges of the lens. Available in different colors, bumpers are a great opportunity to create your own personalized look. Compatible with view solutions: Thanks to the insert RX Optical Insert athletes and athletes who need visual corrections can benefit from the comfort and wide field of vision of Defender. Easy to assemble and disassemble, perfect for contact lens wearers, it is one of the most practical solutions. Powerflow ventialtion system: Defender ensures optimal ventilation thanks to the Power Flow system. The aeration holes have been positioned on the temples, on the front and on the lens to improve air circulation and ensure perfect aerodynamics that cool the athlete without disturbing the view. Unobstructed field of vision: designed for the most demanding cyclists, Defender has a mask lens which ensures a wide field of vision and optimal peripheral vision. Color: Fire Red Matte. Lens: RP Optics Smoke Black.


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