Radar Ergo A Inside-Out Waterski Glove


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The Radar Ergo A Waterski Glove is pre-curved for an ergonomic fit and complemented with pliable, triple-stitched Amara for a flatter, grippier palm. From tournament skiers to river rippers, this plush glove with neoprene stretch zone is sure to please. Power-pull closure system and double wrist straps ensure the gloves fit snug. Durable construction includes double-threaded design on the outside of the glove and double-layered palm to guard against wear. Glove is easily made fingerless by cutting between the sew lines in the fingertips.

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Pre-curved glove for ergonomic fitComplemented with an Amara palmPlush glove is great for all kinds of skiersEasily made fingerless with a simple cut


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