Proline Course Radius Waterski Handle With 8-Section Air Mainline


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The 13″ Course Radius handle has an elliptical shape to reduce hand fatigue and features new shaped end caps that result in a 1/2-lb. reduction in weight. Extra tacky natural rubber grip gives supreme hand hold. Ultra light aluminum bar with watertight seal is guaranteed to float. The AWSA certified 8-section Air mainline is constructed from 16/64 pre-stretched Poly-Pro rope and includes neoprene foam core floats that keep the rope 100% buoyant. Bridle includes 4-rope double-braid Poly-P line. Handle measures 0.96″ x 1.15″ diameter.

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Handle and rope are guaranteed to floatShaped end caps reduce overall weightExtra tacky natural rubber gripAWSA certified mainline


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