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Poc Ora Clarity mask – Fabio Wibmer Poc Ora Clarity Goggle, the brand new Ora Clarity mountain bike goggle was created to meet the precise needs and demands of modern mountain bikers. The Ora Clarity lens intensifies color and contrast by letting the precise amount of light pass through the light spectrum and was created specifically for trail riding, with a focus on the brown and green frequencies typically associated with these environments. The Ora Clarity was created to optimize the field of vision of cyclists. Not only will the color and contrast increase with the Clarity lens, but the design of the glasses will improve the vision of riders as they will be able to see more, in all directions. To meet the needs of modern Enduro riders, the goggle was also created without ventilation foam to maximize ventilation for riders who require maximum airflow and sight. The Ora Clarity was created to perfectly fit the POC helmet collection, especially the Tectal and the Coron. The unique design, along with details such as a flexible frame and adjustable strap, ensure that the glasses stay exactly in place. The ability to change lenses quickly and easily ensures Ora is a great performing mountain bike goggle. Clarity lens that improves the contrast created with Zeiss for improved optical performance. Optimized for the trail environment. Brand new and unique frame structure for better ventilation. Perfect fit with Tectal and Coron helmets. Adherent and adjustable straps Flexible frame construction integrated with a 3-layer face foam for a precise fit. Color: White.


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