Outwell Rockland 5P Tent


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  • Silent opening Inner doors
  • Movable Front Sections
  • Additional side doors

Sleeping five in two bedrooms the steel poles of the Outwell Power Stability System deliver stability, full headroom throughout the tent and steep walls to maximise internal space.

The movable front sections allow the front area to be enclosed so it acts as a sheltered open area or can be sealed off with the front door to give an enclosed living area perfect for use on wet days.  A toggle up bathtub groundsheet in the canopy area makes it possible use the area as a living area when the door is moved to the front to seal the area off whilst, mesh option doors make ventilation great.

Two additional side doors deliver flexible layout choices and easy access to your tent.

Three zones provide a large family tent with the option of a covered canopy area, dry living room and bedroom. The front inner is perfect for storage or as an extra bedroom and is easily removed to increase living space

Movable front door panel with mesh, four sliders and curtains further increase the comfort of the front area of the tent. 

Outwells Quick & Quiet Inner Door with magnetic closure makes it possible to open and close the doors without making any noise, which is perfect for when children are sleeping. 


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