Outwell Cloud 5 Tent


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  • Simple yet robust dome construction
  • Dark inner tent
  • Outwell duratec poles for increased longevity

This dome tent from Outwell offers ample living and sleeping space for five campers in a stable, lightweight dome style tent with an extended porch over its wide front entrance.

With fast, easy pitching and its durable and stable frame ensures comfort and protection in a neat yet reliable package for families and groups.

Having a detachable bathtub groundsheet is a great help when packing the tent away if it has been pitched in muddy conditions, this is because the groudsheet can be not packed away with the rest of the tent and cleaned when at home, this prevents the flyshseet from being dirtied by the groundsheet.

Perfect as a tent for a small family or couple, or maybe as a festival tent.

A two-room design gives a place to leave muddy or wet clothing and also provides an additional area to get changed etc.

The simple dome construction and quality Duratec poles mean the tent is easy to pitch and will be long lasting too due to the poles being more flexible and resistant due to their coating.

As this tent features the unique hanging point system for the inner tent it gives an airgap to prevent the buildup of condensation on the inner tent material that may come into contact with bedding etc, it also blocks out light which is important for bright early mornings.


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