Outwell Airville 6SA Air Tent


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  • Three room tunnel tent with a spacious interior due to its side awning
  • Fitted with Outwell’s Hook Track System for accessory mounting
  • Standing height throughout aids comfort

Sleeping six in two Ambassador Master Bedrooms with Dark Inners plus Quick & Quiet inner doors, the Airville 6SA has a versatile wing lounge side pod with dividing wall for use in many ways.

Four zip sliders on the front allow full opening for a veranda option.  

The quick and quiet inner door features magnets instead of a zip meaning that the door can be opened and closed without the characteristic zipper noise, a great feature when children are sleeping. 

The Gothic Arch shape of the individually inflated air tubes gives a larger amount of usable space inside the tent including an increased amount of head room. 

With standing height throughout and the new Outwell HookTrack System, it offers true flexibility and versatility whilst making the tent much more comfortable. The light coloured roof also gives a warm and welcoming ambiance when inside the tent, it also helps keep the tent cooler in the sun. 

Outwell have designed this tent with the Easy pegging system which has a colour coded system guides the pegging of the tent which is great for first time campers and seasoned campers alike. 


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