O’Brien Siege Slalom Waterski With Titan Binding And Rear Toe Plate


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The O’Brien Siege is a streamlined ski that’s designed to deliver speed and stability. This is the same shape found on the popular O’Brien Sixam 2.0. With a tunnel concave, edge changes are effortless and the ski turns on a dime. A softer flex and increased rocker make the Siege feel stable right out of the box. Small defined bevels mean faster, easier turns. Adjustable Carve fin can be moved forward and back. Pro Wing foil not included.Titan Bindings: Using the same chassis as the Division binding, the Titan comes in a wide range of specific sizes at a lower price point. The plastic (Nylon 6) plate is both lightweight and durable, and the integrated liner/heel makes it a snap to get on and off. The Titan features a front lace system for ease of entry and exit. The low-profile design gets your center gravity as close as possible to the water for maximum performance. Built-in lateral stiffeners and the last-style footwear construction make this one of the best fitting boots on the market. Dual stretch zones make it extremely comfortable and provide easy release. The open toe design makes it a more forgiving shoe size, so it’s easier to share between similar-sized friends and family. The boot features 14° of rotation so you can customize your fit.

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Concave tunnel for easy edge changesSmooth transitions from side to sideSmall defined bevels for faster, easier turnsAdjustable Carve fin


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