National Luna Weekender 50L Fridge Stainless Steel


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Designed and manufactured in South Africa, National Luna Fridges were originally purposed to meet with World Health Organisation’s regulations to ensure the safe travel of medicine through the African Safari. If you’re looking for a quality fridge, National Luna has produced perhaps the best camping and touring fridges on the market. Each fridge is manufactured to commercial standards, with the highest quality insulation constructed between the stainless steel body.
In particular, the National Luna Weekender 50L Fridge Stainless Steel is an ideal size for touring groups and avid campers. This 50-Litre fridge features two bins of unique size. The main compartment is 40 Litres and the smaller runs as a freezer at only 10 Litres. Unlike other Dual Zone models, the smaller compartment doesn’t run at its own unique temperature, rather, it runs around 10-12°C cooler than the main compartment. So, if the main compartment is set to -4°C, the 10 Litre compartment will run at around -14°C. It’s also important to note that the smaller compartment doesn’t run on its own thermostat. So, during the winter months, if the main compartment is set above the ambient temperature, the freezer compartment won’t run. Just ensure that the main compartment is always set below the ambient temperature and you’ll have no issues!
Each National Luna fridge includes the Danfoss Compressor – the BD35F developed in Germany. With auto-switching capabilities between 12V DC and 240V AC power sources, this fridge is designed for simplicity. Set and forget. This fridge can also maintain a temperature rating of -12°C in up to 43°C ambient temperatures. Each of these fridges also includes 3 unique baskets that can be used to store your favourite camping meals, drinks and desserts. As an added feature, National Luna’s Weekender Series fridges allow the lid to be opened from the side or end of the fridge depending on your needs! Just relocate the hinges and latches to the installed locations and secure appropriately.
National Luna has become accustomed as one of the leading brands for retaining a low temperature, whilst reducing the power consumption. As a result, the National Luna Weekender 50L Fridge Stainless Steel is rated to use only 1.30 Amps per hour of use. Each fridge is manufactured with a complete steel external body, its interior is a smooth aluminium lining, helping to retain its cleanliness in the long-term.


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