National Luna 80L Fridge Stainless Steel


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Designed and manufactured in South Africa, National Luna Fridges were originally purposed to meet with World Health Organisation’s regulations to ensure the safe travel of medicine through the African Safari. If you’re looking for a quality fridge, National Luna has produced perhaps the best camping and touring fridges on the market. Each fridge is manufactured to commercial standards, with the highest quality insulation constructed between the stainless steel body.
In particular, the National Luna 80L Fridge Stainless Steel is an ideal size for the long-term off-road tourer or family camping trip. With an internal size of 80 Litres, it’s certain to contain all the food or drinks you could require. National Luna has specifically tailored each of these fridges to include a digital thermostat, enabling the user to set the fridge to its own unique temperature down to -30°C. As a premium fridge, it can maintain -18°C in up to 43°C temperatures! 
Whilst being an incredibly powerful fridge, National Luna has aimed to keep the power draw at an absolute minimum. How can a fridge provide the best of both worlds? By integrating the unique Danfoss Compressor system designed in Germany. With a low draw of 1.69 Amps per hour, for such a large fridge this is fantastic efficiency. As an added bonus, each fridge includes 5 x baskets specifically designed for ease of use. You won’t need to dig out your packet of sausages from the bottom, rather, simply pull out a few of these baskets and accessing your favourite food is a breeze.
Each fridge is manufactured with a complete steel body, both internal and external. Its insulation is a high-density polyurethane, approximately 60mm in thickness. Typically, this type of insulation is only found in the best of iceboxes, however, for increased efficiency, National Luna has looked at every avenue to produce a premium range of camping fridge.


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