Marlin Australia Adult Manual/Auto Inflatable PFD 150


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The Marlin Explorer Inflatable Manual / Auto PFD 150 is one of the best flotation devices in the inflatable range. This Marlin life jacket has been given the tick of approval: it’s certified to Australian Standard AS4758 for secure safety. That means it’s gone through a rigorous testing process before hitting the shelf. The flotation device is suitable for offshore usage. The compact design keeps it lightweight and non-restrictive.This life jacket is suitable for adults with a body mass above 40kg. The flotation device runs off a CO2 canister which is screwed into the vest. If you go overboard, simply pull the ripcord and it’ll inflate. The inbuilt tube also allows you to inflate the vest by mouth. Be safe on the water this summer with the personal flotation device from Marlin: one of the most trusted names in water safety.


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