Lazer Z1 Mips helmet – Black


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Lazer Z1 Mips helmet – Black Lazer Z1 Mips helmet, think of your current helmet; now imagine it lighter, with a more comfortable fit system, better ventilation, an additional aeroshell (optional) and better protection against side impacts. This is what Lazer Z1 offers. Based on a long tradition of innovation, Lazer decided to combine all the elements of a high performance helmet and push every feature as far as possible. It is the lightest helmet ever made by Lazer without sacrificing style, safety or comfort. As for style, it looks like a modern high performance road helmet with a wing built into the top of the helmet. With the integration of the MIPS level, the Z1 also has an additional aspect of protection against rotational impacts. One of the lightest helmets available on the market. Nylon layer and T-pro protection Upper adaptation system mounted on ponytail for easy horizontal and vertical adjustment. Conveniently hook the Lazer Magneto glasses on the back of the Lazer Z1 helmet with MagDocs. Z1 extra red pads Comes with extra race pad Choose between light racing padding or comfort black padding. Upgrade for more aerodynamic protection and complete protection from the elements. Compatible with LED back light Upgrade for more visibility at night. Lazer LifeBEAM compatible Update for heart rate monitoring without chest strap with Lazer LifeBEAM. Compatible with Lazer LifeBEAM Update for heart rate monitoring without chest strap with Lazer LifeBEAM. Worn and appreciated by professionals during the multiple victories of the UCI World Tour. UCI World Tour Helmet MIPS level Provides greater protection against rotational impacts. Color: matte black.


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