HO Women’s Hovercraft Slalom Waterski, Blank


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With a surface area comparable to two skis combined, the Hovercraft from HO provides easy starts, and once it’s up, it rips turns like a surfboard. This ski is a great choice for beginners and experts alike who want fun, surf-inspired ski sessions. Design offers great control and better balance in a low effort waterski that works great at low speeds. Wide-track Frame is an extra stable platform for easy deep water starts. The fuller ski outline means clear directional get-up action with less wobble and spray in the face, and the Swallow tail makes it easy to turn without having to master edge control. Flexbody construction includes a lightweight build that allows users to steer down the tail to dynamically maneuver or cruise and mellow.65″ length: For skiers up to 150 lbs.67″ length: For skiers over 150 lbs.

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Slalom ski with large surface areaGreat for beginners and experts alikeDesigned to offer great control at low speedsSwallow tail design lets you easily turn while skiing


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