Gladiator Pro Skins Full-Finger Waterski Glove


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Pro Skins Full-Finger Waterski Gloves are designed to reduce hand stress and fatigue, so you can enjoy maximum performance with minimum effort. Combining various rubberized materials like GripTek and Sharkskin in the Amara palm improves the grip and reduces slipping on the rope handle. Molded neoprene on the back with 4-way stretch spandex makes Pro Skins Gloves extremely comfortable. Also feature a wide PowerWrist web strap and angled top strap to easily adjust the fit.

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Reduce hand stress and fatigueGripTek and Sharkskin in palm for better gripReduces slipping on the rope handleMolded neoprene on back with 4-way stretch spandexPowerWrist web strap and angled top strap


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