Evakool RFB110-FF Fibreglass Fridge/Freezer – 105L – Motor on Left


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The Evakool RFB110-FF Fibreglass Fridge/Freezer – 105L is the perfect travelling companion on your next adventure! The fully insulated base and lid provide a lightweight but sturdy unit to take camping! The internal design has smooth walls that are not only hygienic they are also easy to clean. There are no joins or gaps internally and the Evakool RFB110-FF Fibreglass Fridge/Freezer – 105L is designed to not rust, corrode or dent. The quality fittings ensure the unit remains stable and in good condition whilst you’re on the move, and the handles can be used as tie-down points! The RFB110-FF has removable baskets and a drainage bung for easy cleaning.
The silent, reliable, and efficient operation of the unit makes the RFB110-FF a desirable option for your outdoor adventure. The digital controls are easy to use and the unit even has low voltage protection. The proven low power usage means you’ll have a longer battery life, and the RFB110-FF will also operate on angles up to 30 degrees, has a self-diagnostic fault system, offers both normal and economy mode selections, and marinising is available for marine use. As an added bonus, you can also choose the style you require! Simply choose between Motor on Left, Motor on Right or End Opening to customise the style of your Evakool RFE47-FF Fibreglass Fridge/Freezer – 47L!


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