Engel Slide-Lok (Lock) suits MT35 MT45 29L 32L 39L 40L Litre Fridge


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The easy and simple way to secure your cargo when you’re on the road. The Engel Slide-Lok is designed to suit Engel Fridge freezers between 29-40L. The Engel Slide Lok can also be adapted for use with your esky, or cargo container, perfect for the back of your ute to stop things sliding around. Attach the base plate to your vehicle and the feet directly to your fridge or container. This will allow you to slide and lock your cargo into place, without the need to fuss around with tie-down straps. Just press the button to release your fridge when you’ve reached your destination- Easy as!
Compatible models (Not limited to): 29 Litre to 40 Litre Chest Models, including MT35F, MT45F, MRFT540E, MRFT530E, SS40F, Traveller, MR40F Eclipse.


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