Engel Drawer Fridge SB30G – 30L


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The Engel Drawer Fridge SB30G – 30L is designed to be installed into your vehicle or boat for portable cooling on your next adventure. It’s manufactured with quality materials, featuring a full steel cabinet construction, stainless steel runners and a compact model of Engel’s famous Sawafuji Swing Motor. It also offers built-in ventilation properties, with dual fans, helping to keep your drinks and other refrigerated goods cool. The inside of the drawer also comes with an internal LED light, helping you to see your refrigerated goods in poor lighting conditions. An added benefit to this model is the ability to remotely locate the compressor away from the fridge cabinet, up to 1.5 metres away should you require.
Overall, we’re impressed with the quality of the Engel Drawer Fridge SB30G – 30L, we couldn’t recommend it any higher for installation into your vehicle or boat!


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