Dometic Waeco Raps 12RU-U2 Fridge Wiring Kit


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The Dometic 12RU-U2 Fridge Wiring Kit is made with the home installer in mind.  Allowing you to simply bring your cable through the firewall in your vehicle, and go directly to your cars battery.  There is no need to find accessories power!
Despite the fact that you do not need to find accessories power, your Dometic 12RU-U2 Wiring Kit allows you to have the 12RU turn on & off with vehicle ignition, or by using the switch on the top you can ask the 12RU-U2 Wiring Kit to supply power when the engine is off.  It will then continue to do so until your battery voltage reaches less than 10v at which point it’ll cut out.
The way it eliminates the need to find accessory power is that it monitors the battery voltage.  So if your voltage is above 13.4v it turns on (as this signifies your alternator is running) and it’ll continue to run until 12.8v the RAPS 12RU-U2 it will offer power to your appliances.  If it falls below, when on the Engine Setting it will cut off.


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