Dometic CFF45 Fridge


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The Dometic CFF45 Fridge is one of Dometic’s most economical portable fridge/freezer yet! The single compartment design of this unit allows for either refrigeration or freezing depending on your needs, and has the ability to be set between 10°C and -18°C. With the ability to run at up to 50°C below ambient temperature, Dometic’s energy efficient design means the CFF45 provides fast and efficient cooling and freezing whether operating on AC (household 100-240V) or DC (12/24V) power. The innovative double-sided opening lid is a first for Dometic, allow easy access from either side for your convenience.
The interior storage was key in this new design, resulting in a more uniform temperature distribution throughout the unit! The smart interior storage allocation, coupled with the generous insulation results in very moderate power draw from your battery for excellent cooling performance. The new and improved glass filled nylon and steel handles are reliable and comfortable to use. The informative display also offers a user-friendly and easy to operate dimmable LED screen that displays accurate cooling temperature in any ambient light. 


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