D2 High Temperature-resistant Escape Decent System 15m/25m


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KAILAS D2 escape decent system includes all equipment needed in descent operation (excludes harness). The system is lightweight

(less than 500g), compact and easy to carry. As one of the smallest descender system, it is especially suitable for industry, rope access, rescue, fire, wind power, well drilling and other rapid descent.


●Patent design Double-Stop function can be activated whenever the operator lets go of the handle and lock the rope.

And if the user pulls too hard on the handle, the anti-panic function brakes and stops the descent

●The descender is made from a super hard solid Stainless Steel and is highly wear and corrosion resistant

●The system contains 2 types:1. High temperature-resistant escape  decent system for use in special occasion like fire-fighting.

It adopts Aramid rope which maintains its high strength even at temperatures up to 300°C (572°F). 2. Normal escape decent

system for descent in normal condition.

●Two alternative length of ropes for each models:15m, 25m

●D2 escape system is consisted of 5 components: 1. One Technora high temperature-resistant sling or Dyneema sling, 2.One high

temperature-resistant rope or nylon rope 8mm in diameter, 3. One D2 descender, 4. Two carabiners, 5.One carry bag


Rope Compatibility: Dia. 8 mm rope(EN1891).

Rope weight:45g/m

Breaking Strength: 13.5kN

Rated load: 100kg

Certification: CE EN12841, NFPA 1983

Materials: Aluminum alloy, Stainless steel

Weight: 495g (15m)

D2 weight: 292g

High temperature-resistant sling rated load: 100kg


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