Connelly Carbon V Slalom Waterski With Double Sync Bindings


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The combination of quick maneuverability, response, and forgiveness makes the Carbon V the best tournament level slalom ski offered by Connelly. The same forgiving forebody and bevel design of the V is paired with a light and snappy 50/50 carbon/glass layup to create a perfect balance for running the course or carving through the wake. V-shaped steps are molded into the hull of the Carbon V ski for more efficient water flow. The steps create less wet surface area, which means a faster, freer ride on the water. A narrow tail lets this slalom ski sit deep in the turns, while a slightly wider tip provides surface area for a smooth turn. V-Tech reduces drag, saving you energy for more time on the water.50/50 Carbon/Glass Layup: Carbon is in all high-end skis due to its innate ability to quickly rebound to its original shape after being flexed. Faster rebound off the turn means a faster ski across the wake. Blending an equal mix of carbon and fiberglass creates a responsive ski with consistent, smooth flex that won’t chatter on imperfect water.Wide Tunnel: This tunnel design leaves an extremely narrow flat spot between the edge of the tunnel and the bevel of the ski. The result is a ski that actively seeks to be on edge, making the ski most useful for experienced skiers and buoy chasers that have above-average ski control.V-Tech Base: Key to maneuverability and decreased drag, the V-Tech base has six V-shaped steps that regulate the flow of water on the base. The steps break up the wet surface area from the front binding to the fin so that less water sticks to your ski as you accelerate forward.Sync Bindings: The Sync binding is Connelly’s most technically advanced boot to date. This binding features Free Flex technology that has eradicated the restrictions traditional base plates put on a ski. Each Sync boot is set in a supportive, yet flexible Exolast and is mounted with Connelly’s dual plate design. In the middle of a turn, the exo-frame flexes with the ski ever so slightly, unnoticeable in your boot but very noticeable in the performance of your ski. The seamless outer shell and removable liner feature a dual lace system that pulls your foot back into the ergonomically shaped heel pocket. There has never been a better connection between you and your ski. Sizes: S(6-7), M(8-9), L(10-11), XL(12-13).Carbon V 65:65″LSuggested Speed: 32 – 36 MPHFor skiers up to 160 lbs.Carbon V 67:67″LSuggested Speed: 32 – 36 MPHFor skiers 160 – 200 lbs.Carbon V 69:69″LSuggested Speed: 32 – 36 MPHFor skiers over 200 lbs.

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Fast and responsive slalom waterskiForgiving forebody and bevel designV-tech reduces drag and saves you energyCarbon/fiberglass layup provides consistent flex


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