Companion Portable Gas Oven & Stove Cooktop Combo


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The Companion Portable Gas Oven and Cooktop is a practical and versatile addition to your camp kitchen.  This portable oven is a favourite amongst campers, yachties, and caravaners due to its flexibility and ease of use.
The oven features a temperature resistant porcelain interior which can be heated to 250°C while the tempered glass door panel and thermometer display help you keep a close eye on your cooking.
The Cooktop operates just like a stand-alone two burner stove, with individual burner controls and an easy start Piezo ignition housed in a tough stainless steel exterior.NOTE:  This oven is designed to be used outdoors, not inside enclosed spaces.  This is not designed to replace your household oven. Failure to use in adequately ventilated spaces may result in asphyixiation resulting in unconsciousness & potentially death.  Please follow the instructions on how to use safely.


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