Abus Gamechanger helmet – Black celeste


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Abus Gamechanger helmet – Black celeste GameChanger ABUS is the innovative aerodynamic helmet for professional cycling. For all cyclists, the wind challenge is one of the most demanding. With its Multi Position Design, GameChanger redefines aerodynamics. The particular geometries reduce the surface exposed to the wind in any condition, regardless of the inclination of the head and the angle of incidence of the wind. The innovative Forced Air Cooling Technology sucks the air and channels it around the head ensuring a perfect temperature keeping the head cool even in the most difficult conditions. Multi Position Design: For optimal aerodynamics, regardless of the inclination of the head. Forced Air Cooling Technology: extraordinary ventilation for optimal thermoregulation. FlowStraps: aerodynamic, stable and non-irritating to the skin thanks to the specially designed profile. Zoom Ace: simple and precise wheel adjustment system for individual stability. AirPort: aerodynamic eyeglass holders with slots housings. Multi Shell In Mold: for safe shock absorption. Ponytail Compatibility: Helmet suitable for people who wear hair tied in a tail or braid. Color: black celeste.


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