Abus Airbreaker helmet – Maglia rosa


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Abus Airbreaker helmet – Maglia rosa The ABUS AirBreaker is a helmet that proves to be able to meet the highest demands of professional cyclists. Do not compromise. The best rider with the best equipment wins in cycling. The winners are targeting the AirBreaker. It is the high performance in every single stage that makes the difference in the races, whether you are on steep climbs in the mountains or at the height of the tension of a sprint. The ABUS AirBreaker supports you in every single kilometer. Thanks to the honeycomb structure of the innovative Multi Speed ​​Design, this helmet always offers the best aerodynamics while providing optimum ventilation. Because the Multi Speed ​​Design provides the necessary ventilation by dosing it: maximum ventilation for the longest and most mountainous stages, optimal aerodynamics for the lower and faster stages. In-mold technology that ensures a lasting bond between the outer shell and the helmet’s dissipating material (EPS) Forced Air Cooling Technology: extraordinary ventilation for optimal thermoregulation Very good ventilation thanks to 11 air conveyors and 13 air extractors connected via the flow channels Multi Speed ​​Design: honeycomb structure in the helmet that provides the necessary ventilation in every situation FlowStraps: aerodynamic, stable and non-irritating to the skin thanks to the specially designed profile Zoom Ace: simple and precise roller adjustment system for individual stability ActiCage Lite: reinforcement of the integrated structure in EPS to improve stability AirPort: aerodynamic eyeglass mounts with slots housings Suitable for collected hair: helmet suitable for those who wear a tail Color: Maglia rosa.


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